Maarten Kleinhans, PIWater, sand and vegetation Rivers, deltas and coasts have dynamic patterns of sand, mud and vegetation. These patterns are colourful, energetic, alive, and important to society. On planet Mars, the remains of rivers and deltas tell the story of a dry and frozen planet. My group aims to understand how these patterns form and change by replicating them in sand box experiments and computer models and by analysis of natural patterns.
I am Maarten Kleinhans, chair of biogeomorphology of rivers and estuaries.


We teach about these themes and about academic skills to undergraduate and graduate students. We collaborate with, and advise the government (e.g. Rijkswaterstaat), research institutes (e.g. Deltares) and companies for societal impact, in particular preservation of habitat and ecosystems and mitigating effects of climate change and sea-level rise. And we work with teachers through the Science Hubs of the Dutch universities so that 10,000s of pupils may gain understanding of how science works and what its values for society are.